Zollman Plastic Surgery Patient Gallery

With almost 30 years of experience, Indiana cosmetic surgeon Wally Zollman, M.D., has successfully completed over 35,000 plastic surgery procedures. Below are before and after photographs of some of his plastic surgery patients.

Breast Procedures Results

One of the primary focuses of Dr. Zollman's practice is breast enhancement. If you are interested in breast implants, breast lift, or breast reduction surgery, review the following photos featuring Dr. Zollman's breast surgery results.

Breast Augmentation

Breast Lift

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Liposuction Results

Dr. Zollman is well known for his large volume liposuction procedure, but he utilizes other liposuction techniques as well. Below are before and after pictures of some of his liposuction patients.

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Tummy Tuck Results

Dr. Zollman meets with each of his tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) patients to discuss the realistic results of this procedure. The photographs below show examples of what you might expect from a tummy tuck.

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Buttock Augmentation Results

Using fat transfer techniques, Dr. Zollman can achieve amazing buttock augmentation results. Below are some before and after photographs of patients who have undergone this procedure.

Buttock Augmentation through Fat Transfer

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Facial Plastic Surgery Results

At Zollman Plastic Surgery, patients can choose from a variety of facial plastic surgery procedures, including facelift, rhinoplasty, endoscopic brow lift, and facial rejuvenation. Review the results of these facial cosmetic surgery procedures performed by Dr. Zollman.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Liposuction

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