Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Zollman, you and your staff have made quite an impression on my life. Since my mastectomy 11 years ago, leaving me with one breast, that basically disfigured me but you allowed me to look more positively at myself. Thanks for spending so much of your time and years developing your talent! You and your staff are great!”

“Dr Zollman is one awesome man! Before my breast augmentation, I had flat deflated boobs. My teenage daughter used to pass down the bras she outgrew to me and the bras were still too big for my boobs. I had my “miracle surgery” in March 2007. On that day, my confidence level and self esteem FLEW through the roof! I feel so dang good about myself and my new body image. I’m loving life so much more! I’m a new person (literally) thanks to Dr. Wally Zollman. I should’ve done this years ago! Thank you so,so,so much!” -Tashia (My new name is Janet Jackson or Beyoncé, at least that’s what the guys at work call me!)

“I want to take the opportunity to thank you for doing such a beautiful job with my facelift. I am thrilled with my new looks. My teenage daughter thinks I look so much younger. I feel like it’s Christmas! What a wonderful feeling to look like I’ve taken 15 years off my face. The results were perfect Dr. Zollman! I would recommend anyone to you. I have always looked forward to your office visits. You have such a great personality and so does your staff. I hope you’re doing surgery for a long time Dr. Zollman, I can’t imagine ever going to any doctor but you. Thanks so much! My results were exactly what I wanted. Perfect.” – Carol

“Dr Zollman, I hope you are proud of yourself! You changed my life with my otoplasty surgery. No matter what I did to better myself, nothing helped because I just couldn’t get past my feeling of being an ugly duckling. My ears stuck out all my life and I experienced years of torment at school because of it now I can show my ears. I’m not afraid when the wind blows anymore. Thank you, thank you, thank you” – Angela

“Thank you for making me feel whole for the first time in my life. I have much more self-confidence now, I feel beautiful in everything I wear. I love my breasts for the first time ever. My husband loves them also.”

“My experiences with you have been great! I had an abdominoplasty with thigh lift and a breast augmentation. I loved it all! I can’t believe the improvement in my self esteem. I am a massive weight loss patient also. So to be skinny again is great. Thanks”

“I had my first breast augmentation surgery in 1993, which resulted in a deflation issue. After using two different surgeons and having three more deflation problems, I was ready to call it quits. I was referred to Dr. Zollman by a friend who used him for her breast augmentation. I was skeptical of all surgeons by this time, so I researched his website and spoke to several other women who had used his clinic for their surgeries.

They were all satisfied with their surgical experience at Zollman Plastic Surgery. Dr. Zollman has done for me what two other surgeons and four surgeries could not. I am 100% confident that I have had my last surgery. Dr. Zollman and his staff are very professional and made me feel like part of their family. I would recommend Dr. Zollman to any woman or man who has had problems using another surgeon.”

“Dr. Zollman and staff are all incredible people. They rejoiced with me when my breast augmentation was a huge success. My enjoyment during close times with my husband has increased 10 fold. I am no longer self conscious about my breasts. I truly appreciated the personal way Dr. Zollman and staff treated my husband and how they treated me. I can honestly say that god blessed my life through the Zollman Center.”Christy

“Dr. Zollman’s years of experience shows! I am one of Dr. Zollman’s massive weight loss patients. Dr. Zollman did abdominoplasty with a lateral lift as well as a thigh lift and brachioplasty. What I appreciate the most about Dr. Zollman is his honesty.

He explained up front all the risks associated with my surgeries and although I wanted them done all at once, he would only do what he knew would be safe for me: therefore, I had to have more than one surgery. My results are amazing! Thank you so much Dr. Zollman.”

“Thank you for making me feel whole for the first time in my life. I have much more self-confidence now, I feel beautiful in everything I wear. I love my breasts for the first time ever. My husband loves them also.”

“Dear Dr Zollman and wonderful staff…!!!,

After four c-sections, thyroid problems and a ton of work and dedication, my consultation with you and your staff changed my outlook on my life as a mother and a woman. I came in to the consult with a bad image of myself an how when looking in the mirror I hated what I saw looking back. I was referred to your office by my best friend who has used your experience and gentle hand to give her back what she had lost with bearing children an so it was my turn. I thought when I got there you would take one look and say honey I can’t fix this, but you didn’t and the kindness of the staff from the min. you walk in the min you walk out was pleasant and comforting. After the consult I scheduled my surgery and with the a little push my mommy makeover consisted of breast aug, tummy tuck and some lipo of those horrible saddle bags, and with Dr. Zollmans’s experience guided me to add some of my own fat that he removed to give me a nice round, non dimpled backside!!! I wasn’t sure and was a little nervous but knew he was an artist doing his magic. I am without words to express the thanks to you and your staff for giving me the ability to look the way I have felt on the inside for a long time! And to all the ladies that have doubts about adding to an dimpled dented flat or saggy rear side I have to say it’s worth the outcome, I now look better in a bathing suit than in clothes for the first time in my adult life… I will be able to raise my four girls with self pride in how you treat your body and hope that with doing the right steps and living a active life they will feel as beautiful on the out as on the in. Thank you Dr. Zollman, Amy, and of course Katie for your kindness and open hearts to help me on my journey in life… I will refer any an everybody that has ever had or has the same or different issues that you can treat….. with lots of love.” – Tiffany

“Dr. Zollman has made me feel like a woman again and proud of my figure. You see, unfortunately several years ago I had someone else perform the same surgery and I have NEVER been happy with the results. Even with a second try. So, for years I silently suffered and felt so depressed, I felt ugly inside and outside. My self-esteem was pretty low. Then when the implants began to deflate I was panic stricken. I would never go back to the first surgeon and then I remembered Dr Zollman’s name and knew he did excellent work. Well, I went to him, had the surgery breast implants (taking the old out and inserting the new soft ones and I HAVE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER WITH THE WAY i LOOK NOW!!!!!!! MY HUSBAND LOVES IT TOO!!!!!!!!! He loved me before but now our love life and relationship in general could not be better, in fact, it has been better than I could ever imagine!!!!! I absolutely love my new beautiful look!!! Thank you so much Dr. Zollman and staff, you are all wonderful!!!!!!! Thank you for giving me my femininity and life back! Love to all of you!!!”

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