Zollman Plastic Surgery offers a wide selection of body sculpting procedures for patients who seek a leaner, smoother physique. We also provide options that can accentuate the body’s natural curves, when desired. Our plastic surgeon, Wally Zollman, MD, is considered an expert in liposuction and specializes in custom-tailored body contouring procedures that can help patients achieve their cosmetic goals.

Dr. Zollman customizes each body contouring procedure to meet your unique needs and desires. In some cases, two or more procedures may be combined to create more comprehensive enhancement of your figure within the span of a single surgery. A one-on-one consultation is the first step toward achieving the cosmetic improvements you want. During the consultation process, Dr. Zollman performs a physical exam, reviews your medical history, discusses your concerns, and details the body contouring options that may be right for you.

We encourage you to read more about the body contouring procedures we perform in the sections below. If you are considering a specific procedure and want to learn more, please contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Zollman.


Liposuction is a versatile procedure that can remove excess fat from nearly any area of the body. Common areas treated with liposuction include the abdomen, flanks (love handles), lower back, thighs, upper arms, and chin.

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Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty

A tummy tuck, medically referred to as an abdominoplasty, is designed to remove excess skin and fat from the abdomen to create a flatter, firmer midsection. For many women who have had children, the abdominal muscles may be stretched or torn, causing the abdomen to protrude.

During the tummy tuck procedure, Dr. Zollman can repair and tighten these muscles to further improve the contours of the waistline.

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Buttock Augmentation

Buttock augmentation can accentuate your posterior curves with natural-looking results. Many women wish to enhance the size and shape of their buttocks, and this procedure collects fat from the body with liposuction and transfers it to the gluteal region to create more projection and shape. Dr. Zollman has more than 20 years of experience performing buttock augmentation surgeries with fat transfer techniques and uses his expertise to help patients achieve lasting results.

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Body Lift

Body lift techniques are well-suited for patients who have lost a substantial amount of weight either due to changes in diet and exercise, or weight loss surgery. After significant weight loss, individuals can be left with flaps of loose, excess skin. Body lift surgery can remove this redundant tissue and tighten the remaining skin for a smoother, more toned silhouette.

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For patients with stubborn areas of localized fat, CoolSculpting® offers a non-surgical, non-invasive method for fat reduction. This liposuction alternative freezes and destroys excess fat cells to slim problem areas for a leaner physique. There is almost no downtime associated with CoolSculpting® and patients can return to their normal daily activities immediately after treatment.

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Mommy Makeover

Dr. Zollman can restore the appearance of the breasts, abdomen, and other body areas for women who would like to address the physical changes that are common after pregnancy and breastfeeding. A Mommy Makeover is a customized procedure that can include two or more treatments designed to renew body contours and rejuvenate the skin with exceptional results.

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