Dr. Zollman’s Experience Performing Brazilian Butt Lift Procedures

I had a patient about 16 years ago with loose lower buttock skin. Rather than excise (cut out the skin) and create a new scar, I chose to fill that loose skin using her own fat. The fat took and has persisted for 16 years.

I know that the fat takes in one’s own body and that it won’t migrate to the other areas because small blood vessels grow into the fat and bring the fat to life where it will be present for the rest of the patient’s life. The patient’s body recognizes the fat as its own, with no worry of rejection.

My technique for harvesting fat has improved since 16 years ago and after 560 brazilian butt lifts, I can say I have never seen an infection or excessive bleeding.

The results have been pleasing to some and life changing for others.

Normally, there is minimal pain and patients are able to sit and lie on their buttocks immediately because we provide them with a special pillow for comfort.

In patients with minimal skin on their booties, the skin stretching may take longer. Usually as 3 to 6 months pass, the booty becomes more natural-looking and beautiful.

I have noticed that my African American and Hispanic patients tend to desire more “hips” in other words they request to have more roundness added to the outside of the buttocks.

More men are considering this procedure because they realize to remove fat and not use it for better buttock shape is wasteful. Besides as men age their buttocks frequently get smaller while their bellies get larger.n

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