How Painful is Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Wally Zollman understands that the degree of post-surgical discomfort one experiences after breast augmentation is directly impacted by the approach and techniques the plastic surgeon uses to complete the procedure. The more aggressive the technique, the greater the discomfort will be. For this reason, Dr. Zollman has developed a surgical breast augmentation process designed to limit tissue trauma, minimize post-operative pain, and accelerate recovery, while creating the natural-looking results his patients love.

Dr. Zollman describes his technique as a gentle approach to breast augmentation. One aspect of breast augmentation surgery that typically leads to the majority of post-operative discomfort is the creation of the breast implant pockets within the chest muscles. While many plastic surgeons opt to cut through the muscle tissue to make the pocket, Dr. Zollman doesn’t cut any of the chest muscle—instead he chooses to separate through the muscle fibers, which dramatically reduces tissue trauma for faster healing with less discomfort and swelling. For an additional dimension of pain relief, local anesthetic is injected prior to breast augmentation surgery to decrease incisional discomfort following the procedure.

Dr. Zollman has found that incorporating these techniques into breast augmentation surgery has helped his patients recover significantly faster and more comfortably that patients who undergo a more traditional approach. Most of our patients have their breast augmentation surgery and are able to be up and moving—and even showering—the next day. Many find they are able to recover over a weekend, reducing the time that is typically needed away from work and normal activities.

Dr. Zollman’s gentle breast augmentation approach and reputation for beautiful, natural-looking results consistently earn him 5-star online ratings, glowing reviews, and personal recommendations from satisfied patients. If you are curious about Dr. Zollman’s breast surgery options, we welcome you to contact our practice to schedule a consultation to discuss your goals.

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