Dr. Zollman in the News: Social Media in Plastic Surgery

Dr. Wally Zollman uses social media communities such as Facebook to enhance patients’ online experience with his Indianapolis plastic surgery practice. With over 700 billion minutes spent per month on the social network site, Dr. Zollman says it is important to him to provide a venue for his current and potential patients to interact, whether they are considering cosmetic surgery such as breast augmentation, or simply searching for more information on aesthetic enhancement in general.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon in Indianapolis, Wally Zollman, MD has performed over 28,000 cosmetic enhancement procedures, including thousands of breast augmentations. He says social media has become an influential part of the online community centering on his practice because sites such as Facebook provide a venue for both current and potential patients to interact. Whether they are discussing a surgical procedure they have already undergone such as liposuction, or one they are considering such as laser resurfacing or a tummy tuck, Dr. Zollman says he fully embraces the use of social media in his practice.

At Zollman Plastic Surgery, Dr. Zollman says patient care and satisfaction play an integral role in the success of his practice. While he says 700 billion minutes a month on Facebook seems like a staggering amount of time, when he considers the valuable interaction that takes place between his patients, the benefits are hard to ignore. Whether his patients are posing questions concerning an upcoming procedure such as liposuction or BOTOX® Cosmetic, or posting patient testimonials regarding their experience, Dr. Zollman says the information exchanged on his Zollman Plastic Surgery Facebook page can help develop patient goals and increase the likelihood that their expectations are met.

While the initial patient consultation is instrumental in patient education and overall cosmetic enhancement success, Dr. Zollman says the interaction that occurs within Facebook is a valuable and noteworthy experience that is fast becoming essential to his patients and practice. Ultimately, he says he strives to create a relaxing, positive experience regardless of the procedure his patients are considering, and social media communities such as Facebook further increase the chances he achieves such a goal.

About Dr. Zollman

Wally Zollman, MD earned his medical degree from the Indiana University School of Medicine, and then completed his general and plastic surgery residencies at the University of Mississippi School of Medicine. He lectures throughout the national and international arena on a variety of plastic surgery topics, including one of his specialties, large-volume liposuction and fat stem cell grafting to the body- particularly the buttocks and face. Dr. Zollman is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the Indiana State Medical Association.

Zollman Plastic Surgery is located at 8227 Northwest Blvd. Suite 290 in Indianapolis, IN 46278, and can be reached at (866) 277-3613, or found online at either www.zollmansurgery.com or the Zollman Plastic Surgery – Wally Zollman MD Facebook page.

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