What Causes Breasts to Sag?

Breast ptosis is the medical term for breasts that appear to be “sagging” or “drooping,” and it is important to know that this concern is extremely common among women. In fact, most women will be affected by a certain degree of breast ptosis at some point as the skin and tissues in the breasts begin to lose elasticity and firmness over time. Some of the most common reasons the breasts develop a sagging appearance include: 



Women experience different levels of breast ptosis, and the age in which the condition becomes more noticeable is typically distinct among individuals, as well. While we have no control over the fact that natural aging will have an effect on breast firmness and projection, there are some things that can be done to possibly help slow the progression of breast ptosis. Consistent use of supportive bras, protecting the skin from harmful U-V rays, staying away from tanning beds, maintaining a stable weight, and refraining from smoking are all positive steps to take. If you are considering treatment options to address breast ptosis that has already become apparent, advanced breast lift surgery is designed to improve this very condition. A breast lift eliminates loose, excess skin that may be pulling the breasts down, then gives the breasts a firmer feel and a more youthful projection by lifting them higher on the chest. In cases where the breasts are too large and disproportionate to one’s body frame, breast reduction may be an ideal option as this procedure can achieve a certain degree of “lift,” as well. 


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